Written with young children in mind, this book extends its hand to parents, especially those concerned for our planet’s future.  

The story provides parents with a gentle yet powerful tool to broach the topic of climate change with their young children, delicately paving the way for those necessary conversations that we must learn to have, regardless of how old we are or where we come from.  

Narrated through the lens of the fictional world of Kibou, children will maintain their sense of safety, while empathizing with the Mochis’ trials and tribulations. Mochis are the imaginary dwellings of Kibou, a planet turned upside down by climate change. With the help of their parents, children will see that Mochis’ problems are not so different from those humanity is currently facing; that there are lessons to be learnt; and inspiration to be drawn from these endearing creatures who will discover that the answer to keeping their planet alive is in the (guiding) ‘light’. 

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